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A complete product range for low voltage power distribution

Iconopower manufactures Assemblies of power Semiconductors with heat sinks for Air or Water Cooling. For a given application, we can offer the cooling method of the customer's choice or we can recommend an optimum cooling solution.

Heat generated by power semiconductors must be dissipated to improve reliability and prevent premature failure. This not only requires correct application of thermal compound, correct clamping but also correctly sized heat sinks for effective heat transfer and cooling. Iconopower’s techniques for heat dissipation includes a wide range of heat sinks, with fans if required, for air cooling and other forms of cooling such as water or copper fins.

Our thermal solutions include extruded or pressed aluminium heat sinks, machined copper heat sinks, bonded-fin heat sinks and copper fins. We can provide custom designed natural air-cooled or forced air-cooled heat sinks and blocks as well as liquid-cooled chill plates.

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