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* All orders must be of a minimum 100$US value before taxes.

Iconopower offers standard and custom assemblies with high intensity diodes, SCRs, IGBTs, available in all configurations of popular tours. The range includes module and capsule presses, air-cooled assemblies, water-cooled assemblies, stud type assemblies, and other customer assemblies.

In addition to our years of experience in engineering, manufacturing and assembly, we have state of the art computer aided design 3D design modeling software to accurately and efficiently meet your requirements. All assemblies are manufactures in accordance with our ISO 9001 certified procedures.

Iconopower will design and build the assembly in any circuit configuration, incorporating:

  • high intensity diodes, SCRs or IGBTs,
  • RC networks,
  • dampers,
  • fuses,
  • fuse indicators,
  • temperature sensors, and
  • firing/ignition circuits with SCRs, GTOs or IGBTs.

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Full bridge DC-AC inverter IPA-SiCxxxxxx

Precision Bar Clamp, IC89D15 Series
Item #IPS-SICxxxxxx - Power Assembly; Full Bridge Inverter

pdf logo IPA-SICxxxxxx Datasheet