M3K power semiconductor tester With a power semiconductor tester you can reduce expensive down-time and component waste by testing parts quickly, according to industry (JEDEC) standards! The M3K model designed for testing rectifiers/Diodes, SCR's/Thyristors and power modules including IGBT's and transistors. Regular testing can identify marginal or bad components, allowing you to only replace the necessary components, translating into less unscheduled down-time and significantly reduced component costs. With proper testing equipment you can test components to be sure they meet specifications or before installation to be sure they are functional & establish a base line for future references.

Features include:
  • components are tested for forward and reverse leakage current up to 3300V,
  • gate voltage and current to trigger is tested and displayed on the panel meters,
  • short current limited to 20mA for operator safety,
  • oscilloscope output provides the ability to observe the voltage/current curve on a X-Y oscilloscope, and
  • test components according to JEDEC JC-22 and EIA RS397 standards
M3K power semiconductor tester manual
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M3K testing procedures infographic