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M3K power semiconductor tester
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Maintenance & Repair

Our team of experienced staff can refurbish or rebuilt damaged power assemblies and components. Please contact us for further information.

Did you know that regular maintenance can help you avoid power semiconductor failures?

In most cases, unscheduled down-time due to faulty or marginal components can be avoided by testing the Power Semiconductors regularly during scheduled outages or service days. It is imperative that only instruments specifically designed for testing Power Semiconductors are used. Meggers and hi-potters should under no circumstances be used, since these kinds of instruments can easily damage the components. Ohm meters are only reliable to detect a short, since they do not have enough voltage to properly energize the silicon wafer in a Power Semiconductor.

See the information packets below or contact us for further information.

M3K power semiconductor tester manual
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GE Power Converter Handbook
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Did you know that whenever you install or replace a power semiconductor, you must also apply heat sink compound?

Using the right compound will help prolong the life of the device. Without compound the device will develop hot spots within itself and cause premature failure. Compare this to running a car engine without oil, and guess what will happen!

Make sure you order compound the next time you place an order for a semiconductor device or a module.