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All ABB IGCTs (Integrated Gate-Commutated Thyristors) are press-pack devices. The IGCT's turn-on/off control unit is an integral element of the component. It only requires an external power supply and its control functions are conveniently accessed through optical fiber connections. IGCT devices feature:
  • optimization for low conduction losses,
  • ranges from 10 - 100 W,
  • typical turn-on/off switching frequency is in the range of 500 hertz,
  • upper switching frequency only limited by operating thermal losses and the system's ability to remove this heat, and
  • enables short on-off pulse bursts with switching frequencies of up to 40 kHz.
Asymmetric IGCT devices are single devices optimized for snubberless turn-off operation while reverse conducting IGCTs are monolithical integrated free wheeling diodes. They are optimized for snubberless turn-off conditions.

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